Technology Convergence

The term means a combination of various technologies that creates a more convenient and effective approach. One of the most obvious examples of technology convergence is a smartphone. It is a single device that allows you to call your friends, listen to music, watch videos, play, read, and take pictures. Smart home technology takes the same approach. Using it, you can control almost every system from AC to lighting. This approach helps you save money and time. You don't need to buy several devices like a camera or alarm clock. You already have all in one.

Such approach to the technological development not only has a material value. You can consider a situation from the past when people had no personal electronic devices with them. Once there was an emergency, it took them too long to get help from the professionals. It is fair to say that the modern technology saves lives.

There is, of course, a huge disadvantage of constantly using a smartphone. You start living in a digital world instead of the real one by spending too much time with this toy. The interpersonal communication is simplified to sending simple text messages without meeting in person. Instead of spending time effectively, you start spending it on games and useless websites. Just like any other process of technological development, this one has its drawbacks. Be careful and try to maximize the accumulated effect.