What is “paradigm”?

The last decades witnessed a proliferation of the use of the word “paradigm”, in connection with many subjects. But the question still runs unnoticed: What exactly is “paradigm? And where did it come from? This paper is an attempt to put together answers to these two questions. The word surely escaped from the laboratory of philosophers, mostly due to the fact that its meaning is vague. Kuhn’s use of it as an inherited set of preconceptions, acting as a darkened glass from which we perceive the world, gave the word a mystic aura. Then it was only a natural consequence for everyone and anyone who are to make a claim in changing the way the world goes around to come about advocating their point of view as “the new paradigm” which gets rid of the “blinding effects of the previous one”! So the word’s popularity has grown in direct proportion to the watering down of its meaning, which was never exactly concrete to start with, and has grown thinner with every new use

Author: Erek Göktürk

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