Systems Thinking Courses

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the foundations to good science, this course lays out the essential skills for effect reasoning

Systems Thinking

This course will teach you how to think differently, to see the whole not just the parts, to think in systems

Systems Thoery

An introduction to the systems paradigm and the foundational concepts within system thinking


This course will take you into the fascinating world of emergence and pattern formation on the edge of chaos

Complexity Theory

Complexity Theory

Complexity theory 101, an introductory course designed to give you an overview of the central concepts within complexity theory

Nonlinear Systems

An introduction to the amazing world of nonlinear systems, power laws, chaos theory and fractals

Network Theory

This course is an introduction to network theory, covering all the major topics in an accessible fashion

Complex Adaptive Systems

Looking at complexity, adaptation, self-organization and evolution, this course gives an overview of complex adaptive systems

Complexity Science

Systems Ecology

This course looks at the application of systems theory to ecology giving us new insight into earth’s complex biophysical processes

Complexity Economics

A major overhaul to our economic theory is underway and complexity economics is at the heart of it; this course is your front row ticket to a changing economic paradigm

Social Complexity

The social sciences and complexity theory make a perfect fit; this course explores the workings of social systems and social networks

Systems Design & Management

Complexity Management

Complexity management – management theory in the age of networks, collaboration, volatility, uncertainty and complexity

Complex Engineered Systems

This course applies complexity theory to the analysis and interpretation of next-generation technology infrastructure

Systems Design

This course in an accessible overview of the basic principles for designing complex systems of all kind